GLOBAL GARMENTS has the most important agents for your brand in mind:
Your customers and your employees. Both wear their passion, your brand, on the outside, which is the work of your company.

That is the reason why we have given ourselves the task of developing fashion for your customers and your team, which is more than just corporate fashion and more than just merchandising.

Our goal is to be unique in design and quality: Because it is not enough to simply embroider a logo on a shirt. We package your brand in clothing that feels good, looks high-quality and is of high standard - in short: in clothing that everyone loves.

YOUR DESIGN. OUR EXPERIENCE. Modern patterns and high quality fabrics ensure your brand the appearance it deserves. Our design team creates collections that stand out: because people like to wear clothes that look great. And that’s where your customers will benefit - and your brand.

EMPLOYEE CLOTHING: GLOBAL GARMENTS designs outfits that makes employees feel good and like to wear - even outside of working hours.

MERCHANDISING: Fashion for fans - a real passion for sport and music needs to be expressed with a fashionable statement that contains just as much love.

PROMOTION: GLOBAL GARMENTS creates a connection to your customers. The highest compliment for your work – and ours - is when your customers proudly show themselves with their branded outfits and accessories.